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Lifestyle Biz Deposit - Full


It is possible to connect life and business in a non-intrusive way?

Think about it, we spend 8 hours or more per day working, wouldn't it be nice to carefully structure your business based on your lifestyle values?

Is your time structured the same way it was five years ago?

Do you have the same priorities? or work style? as you did a year ago? 10 years? last month?

Have you thought about your dream work business model?

Are you living it now or still working on it?

I find most people structure their life around their job or career. What if I told you, it's possible to structure your career around your life?



You may wonder? Why this Marquesa? What do you know about this area?

I've been in business full time for 15 years and before that, I had TWO pretty large and impressive careers.

When I first started my business, I was so excited and ready for anything in order to live my dream! I got it by speaking in a different city every day for 4 years. I loved every sign audience and presentation but I hated my life!!

It took me 4 years to figure out how to shift my business and move away from that daily hustle.

I started by creating multiple income streams all based on my expertise, then I worked with ALL types of clients before identifying the ones I most loved to serve. Then came creating services that not only allowed me to serve from my organic expertise gift but serve in a way that did not burn me out or overwhelm me! 

I remember being super excited about my first six-figure year -- but I was not excited about what the business had done to my health. 

It took reinvention, evolution, failure, mega success and so much more to get to a place I could serve HOW I wanted. After sharing bits and pieces of my process over the years, after seeing so many of my colleagues and clients struggle to figure this out, I’ve decided to fully focus on helping others  CRYSTALLIZE their dream LIfeSTYLE BUSINESS!

This is called a Lifestyle Business

The Ideal Lifestyle Business means working your way!

  • Timing
  • Projects
  • People
  • Team
  • Technology
  • Energy

I call it LifeBizProfit...

I'm spending 12 months + two bonus Life months with an intimate group and taking them thru MY LIFEBIZPROFIT SYSTEM via my CRYSTALLIZE MASTERMIND. 

This is more than a PROGRAM, it's an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE.

EVERYONE is not meant for this mastermind. It requires intentional focus, a confident mindset to get things done along with collaborative energy.

Why Now? 
2020 changed the world - Let 2021 be the new and improved you!

Stop struggling year after year and take control of your life by crystallizing a Lifestyle Business!

Stop searching for strategies, technology, and connections, it’s All here in the Crystalize 2021 Mastermind, it's your year let’s do this!!


Stop investing your time and money in a bunch of programs with no results - Then invest in the ONE that will change your life for years to come!

What you'll get:

The Client Promise/ Outcomes:

  • Build a High-End Lifestyle Business (virtually, online and in-person)
  • Maximize your time, energy, and resources
  •  Learn the best technology and systems for every area of your business
  •  Know the answer to the best way to serve for your biggest gains
  • Create a detailed strategic vision, working plan quarterly assessment with twice-monthly sessions to keep focused and prioritized
  • Spend 14 months with Marquesa and change your life

Your Crystalize Experience Pillars include: ($16,900)

    Marquesa’s Signature System  - LifeBizProfit (value $7500)
    Marketing Like a Boss System - (value $1200)
    Marquesa’s Crystalize Biz Map + check-ins (value $2500)
    My Ideal Systems Pillar  (value $800)
    The End View Quarterly & End of Year Assessment (value $700)
    My Time/My Life Pillar  (value $1500)
    Leveraging Technology Pillar (value $3000) includes all her zoom programs and more PLUS Club ZQ
    The Business Underground Time (priceless)
    The Influential Stage Pillar (value $500)
    THE CRYSTALIZE MASTERMIND ONLINE PORTAL ($1800) (tools, resources, guides, replays, etc.)

How long is the membership?

  • 14 months (with two months underground)
        What is underground? You can choose to do this at the same time as Marquesa or use the free time in another way. You will be provided your End View Assessment and power action guides
            Marquesa designates this time to work ON her business and NOT in her business. The action guides will provide the process; during this time Marquesa will not meet with clients or members. Remember, she’s All about having a Lifestyle Business and she walks her talk!
  • 12 months, 1 LIVE 75-minute group session per month & 1 Accountability group session per month (live or on-demand)
  • One Crystalize Lifestyle Biz Private Session
  • Online access to your Lifestyle Business Portal (tools, resources, guides, replays, etc.)        
  • Deep Dive Retreats (during retreat months we will only meet for one 75 minute group session) some may be in person in NYC stay tuned
  • End View Annual End of Year Retreat