Trying to figure out how to navigate zoom? Desire more hands-on approach with an expert? Start right here with ZOOM FOUNDATIONS!

The Zoom Foundations Program is ideal if one of the three statements describes you: 

I know very little about zoom as a host 

I feel uncomfortable presenting on zoom 

I do not understand the zoom parts (panel, backend, etc.)




Who should attend?

The PROGRAM is designed for those who are brand new or just not familiar with using/navigating zoom. The objective is to help you get closer to hosting a zoom event like a pro. 


The Zoom Foundations Program is a multi-step process. The information you need is provided below. For further clarification of a particular step, please send an email to [email protected]

  • Gain the confidence to host Zoom meetings.
  • Develop the basic skills to perform any role within Zoom meeting effectively.
  • Learn a few of the best practices for Zoom hosts.
  • Identify resources to get the most out of your investment.
  • We will take a "hands-on" tour of the Zoom product from the front end to the back end. 
  • Review your system and whether you meet the system requirements to operate seamlessly.


As a result of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of the meeting host
  • Know what you get with your Zoom subscription
  • Know that you meet Zooms system requirements
  • Know where to find the information you need within the Zoom platform
  • Confidently schedule, start, and host any Zoom meeting from any device


What does the Zoom Foundations Program include 

  1. A Detailed assessment to determine your zoom skill set, goals, and struggles 
  2. An Intake private session to identify your biggest struggle along with your strategic goal. For example, Some clients have important talks or events coming up and need a game plan and to ensure they are ready. (30 minutes)
  3. A hands-on Zoom training session with 3 other participants (90 minutes); Super hands-on with care ensuring that you focus on your biggest challenges.  Yes, you will have an opportunity to drive the car. 
  4. Your private post-training session allows you to test your skills since you've had time to learn and practice.  (30 minutes) 



  • Register 
    • Approximately one week before the course starts. You will be contacted via email with important course information and instructions for accessing the Zoom meeting.
    • It is vital that you complete Marquesa's Zoom Basics Course prior to the training day 



1. How is this different from zoom training that is free? Great question, private zoom training directly from zoom is not free. Zoom training is general and not strategic (goal-based) because they are there to ensure you understand their platform. Once you complete our training, it's a great supplement and resource. Most of Marquesa's clients are experts, speakers, coaches, authors, entrepreneurs, and/or Zoom Enterprise license holders, her training is tailored to fit that need. 

2. Does Marquesa do this training herself? No, she has built a brilliant team and matches the best person to teach the best product. If you join ClubZQ, you get direct training from Marquesa and her invited guests. However, as a participant of this program you get immediate access to Zoom Basics and Zoom Like, Know & Impress (two 90 minute zoom courses where Marquesa breaks it down). 


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