Start your mini makeover leading to leveraging the zoom platform, strategically! 

3 BIG Mistakes you are making using zoom as a hobby and NOT a business tool! 

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What Marquesa does

Everybody zooms these days! Whether you’re a business owner, leader, executive, or employee, standing out on zoom can grow your Business, Influence, Income, and Impact.  Marquesa loves sharing MAJOR features of zoom you may have no clue about which leads to more productivity, profitability, and Impact. 

These features will NOT only help you stand out on zoom but also help you save money, time, and energy.

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Most of ALL, save money and time by  Leveraging the zoom platform!

Texas-born, New York-based, Marquesa Pettway, also serves as Brand Ambassador for several brands, you may have recently caught her on TV in a really cool commercial! 

Former CNN Producer turned Zoom Queen, SmartTechnology expert, 16 years speaking (CSP), focused on helping others leverage technology for productivity, credibility, and business growth.