A Lifestyle Biz ... a business that is shaped around what means the most to you. Your values, skillset, productivity clock, ideal clients, mission, dream, and happy place. Marquesa

Marquesa's passion is helping YOU to create the most ideal lifestyle business

Marquesa's passion is lifestyle businesses. She has devoted herself to helping others create and grow lifestyle businesses they love.

Marquesa has been interviewed several times about creating the HOW of creating a Lifestyle Business, especially for experts!

Take a listen here via the Speakernomics podcast and Voices of Experience podcast (both by the National Speakers Association) and her focus is always on helping her listeners attain their dream lifestyle. She's been interviewed or featured by the organization more than 50 times. Here's the latest feature, simply page down.

In her opinion, there is no greater joy than being able to work from anywhere in the world and on your schedule.

Marquesa is committed to mentoring as many professionals as possible via her Crystallize Lifestyle Business Mastermind so that more people can experience the joy of a lifestyle business. With her help, you, too, can achieve your dream of living a life of freedom and happiness. 


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I started by creating multiple income streams, all based on my expertise; then, I worked with ALL types of clients before identifying the ones I most loved to serve. Then came creating services that not only allowed me to serve from my organic expertise gift but serve in a way that did not burn me out or overwhelm me! 

I remember being super excited about my first six-figure year -- but I was not enthusiastic about what the business had done to my health. 

It took reinvention, evolution, failure, mega success, and much more to get to a place where I could serve HOW I wanted. After sharing bits and pieces of my process over the years and seeing so many of my colleagues and clients struggle to figure this out, I've decided to focus entirely on helping others  CRYSTALLIZE their dream LIfeSTYLE BUSINESS!

This is called a Lifestyle Business

The Ideal Lifestyle Business means working your way!

I call it LifeBizProfit...

I'm spending 11 months + 3 bonus Life months with an intimate group and taking them thru MY LIFEBIZPROFIT SYSTEM via my CRYSTALLIZE MASTERMIND. 

This is more than a PROGRAM; it's an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE.

EVERYONE is not meant for this mastermind. It requires intentional focus and a confident mindset to get things done along with collaborative energy.


Is it possible to create a business where you never feel like working?

Why? It's entirely based on your values and your lifestyle! As a member of Crystallize, you will learn how to make this happen by spending 11 months + 3 bonus Life months.

Think about it; we spend 8 hours or more per day working.

Wouldn't it be nice to carefully structure your business based on your lifestyle values?

Is your time structured the same way it was five years ago?

Do you have the same priorities? Last month? Or work style? as you did a year ago? 10 years?

Have you thought about your dream work business model?

Are you living it now or still working on it?

I find most people structure their life around their job or career.

What if I told you it's possible to structure your career around your life?

Why Now? Too many entrepreneurs and working professionals are miserable! 

They have a dream business; they are craving and NOT sure how to get there! - Let's Crystallize and improved you!

Stop struggling year after year and take control of your life by crystallizing a Lifestyle Business!

Stop searching for strategies, technology, and connections; it’s All here in the Crystalize LIFESTYLE BIZ Mastermind; it's your year.

Let’s do this!!

Stop investing your time and money in a bunch of programs with no results - Than invest in the ONE that will change your life for years to come!

What you'll get:

The Client Promise/ Outcomes:

  • Build a High-End Lifestyle Business (virtually, online and in-person)
  • Maximize your time, energy, and resources
  • Learn the best technology and systems for every area of your business
  • Know the answer to the best way to serve for your biggest gains
  • Create a detailed strategic vision, working plan quarterly assessment with twice-monthly sessions to keep focused and prioritize
  • Spending 11 months + 3 bonus Life months with Marquesa and change your life

 Marquesa LOVES REINVENTING Experts!! 

THE LIFESTYLE BUSINESS MASTERMIND will bring so many components together!

Marquesa has led hundreds of membership, mastermind, VIP Day/Weekend and live events all over the country and virtually!

You're in good hands with this pro! 

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I‘m ready to Crystallize my Lifestyle Business with Marquesa 


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