Once your Zoom Enterprise is purchased, look out for the option to upgrade to premium or premium plus 

What's the main difference?

  • Access for certain apps requiring special permissions
  • Administrative privileges
  • Self Management¬†
  • Multiple Users¬†
  • Company Branding¬†
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start by joining  The Virtual Biz Club and using your benefits instantly 

which include:

  • purchasing ZOOM VIP LICENSE¬†the Highest License that Zoom offers¬†
  • leveraging the Zoom platform as your OFFICE and closing more business
  • engaging every single virtual audience participant
  • Upleveling your virtual business communications process¬†
  • mastering the basics (look, sound, presence, etc)
  • Are you Living your best biz virtually (office¬†hours time?)
  • The virtual business mastermind, Answers & Strategies


  + all wrapped around strategy with Marquesa

= mo'money, mo'time, mo'impact


Double Your Time, Double Your Income, & Double your Influence by leveraging Zoom...

start by grabbing your ZOOM VIP LICENSE the Highest License that Zoom offers 

With this license + strategy taught by Marquesa


Obtain the Highest License that Zoom offers

 Here is the BIG NEWS! I learned about the BEST LICENSE ZOOM OFFERS and at first, was terrified to make a large business investment!

But, then, I reminded myself how many people depend on me for Zoom know-how! not just logistics but Strategy!

I attract experts, coaches, leaders, and professionals who spend a great deal of time working with their clients virtually

(speaking, coaching, training, marketing, leading, and more) 

I took the plunge and hundreds of clients later, I can say this decision has changed a LOT of lives!

And I can provide you with ACCESS to the best zoom license + many other virtual business resources! Yes, and hybrid!

You can invest $2500 or more per month into Zoom licenses,

or you can join the VirtualBiz.Club; $30/month Zoom Enterprise License EXCLUSIVE MEMBER BENEFIT 

+ $97 Membership (Annual VIRTUALBIZ.CLUB) and you’ll get ALL of Zoom's basic and bells features.

It's like getting a FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE at a coach price!

Right now, if you have a Zoom Pro account, you pay $15 per month and you only get:

  • 100 seats
  • No transcription
  • No Zoom webinar
  • 1 GB of Zoom cloud storage (one long meeting)
  • low resolution¬†
  • Pay for Zoom training
  • No Zoom platform strategic issues support¬†
  • or pay add ons totaling $300+ per month¬†

Here is the GREAT NEWS! For ONLY $15 more per month, you get the Zoom VIP Level License along with the VirtualBiz.Club, business-boosting membership.

Upgrade me ūü§ď

The Huge Results

You can expect as a VirtualBiz.Club Member with the Highest Zoom License

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You get access to a renewable annual license for $30 a month

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A chance to customize your Zoom link, this means others can join your Zoom meeting with just your brand name!

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400 more seats in your Zoom room & 100 break out rooms (you could use them as virtual implementation rooms)

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The highest resolution 1080P -1280P (THIS IS EVERYTHING)

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The ability to record every Zoom session in several different ways at the same time (without ever running out of space)

  • Zoom AI
  • Zoom Notes
  • Zoom Summary
  • Zoom Clips
  • Zoom Highlights
  • Zoom Smart Chapters
  • Zoom Audio Transcription
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Access to the most organized Zoom cloud library on the planet enabling you to share recording links easily with one link and keep an eye on the STATS

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Zoom helps you market your sessions and/or track signups by providing you countless unique links for one zoom session.

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This is a Biggie: you get automatic access to Zoom Webinar, without this license, it costs, $45 more per month, on top of $15.

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Zoom saves you time: provides an on-demand recording automatically after each session & receives registration information.

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Zoom integrates with EVERYTHING, it has its own marketplace!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I'm ready to Leverage Zoom like a Boss! - I'm in!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I'm ready to Leverage Zoom like a Boss!



Former CNN Producer turned Virtual Biz Strategist, Marquesa, here, sharing one of my lifestyle biz decisions. As a SmartTechnology expert, 16 years speaking (CSP), focused on helping others leverage technology for productivity, credibility, and business growth.


Ready to Leverage Zoom like a Boss?

It's Time for You to Invest in this

$30/month Zoom Enterprise License + $97 Annual Membership


Membership + zoom benefit
Just some of your benefits: 

  • Customized/branded zoom link¬†
  • 400 more seats (value $500 per month) - TOTAL OF 500
  • Transcription (value $350 per month) - this includes (written, video and LIVE)¬†
  • Zoom Webinar (Value $40 per month) - this includes webinar on-demand, email reminders, fully-branded landing pages for registration, etc.
  • Unlimited Zoom Cloud Storage ($500 per month)
  • Hi-Resolution 1080P - 1280P (priceless)
  • Branding (priceless)

Plus these Extras:

  • VirtualBiz.Club¬†Training¬†
  • Courses on Leveraging Zoom (INSTANT ACCESS worth $4K) means NO refunds; please be sure.
  • Zoom Basics Course - Getting Started (Value $97) Instant access¬†
  • Zoom Strategically! 2.0 - Using Zoom in your Business (Value $297)¬†¬†Instant access¬†
  • Zoom Know, Like, Grow & Impress - The Bells and The Basics of Zoom (Value $197)¬†Instant access¬†
  • One¬†private session with Zoom QUEEN*¬†focused on your strategic Zoom makeover (one per year). Value $400
  • Up to 3 hours each month¬†with the¬†Zoom Queen* and other members via Office Hours, Private Office Hours & ClubZQ Monthly Session
  • ClubZQ Member Answers Boutique is an online portal that includes¬†everything you need to genuinely uplevel¬†how you use Zoom!
  • Plus¬†quarterly zoom based training¬†¬†($1200)¬†¬†
  • Smartphone app access to Zoom courses (priceless)
  • Zoom Enterprise¬†Premium¬† Support, online, and Team Marquesa (priceless)¬† ¬† ¬†
    * Disclaimer: Not employed by Zoom or sponsored by Zoom


Standalone Monthly Zoom License 

You can invest $2500 or more per month into Zoom licenses for the enterprise version.

get ALL of Zoom's basic features 

 you pay $15 per month and get:

  • Just 100 seats
  • No transcription
  • No Zoom webinar
  • 1 GB of Zoom cloud storage
Or you can join VirtualBiz.Club and grab ALL of Zoom's basic PLUS bells features.

For ONLY $15 more per month, you get the Zoom VIP Level License PLUS the VirtualBiz.Club business-boosting membership!

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Marquesa has an Extensive List of Success Stories

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Anything I need regarding Zoom, Marquesa knows!

Anything I need regarding using Zoom or doing business on Zoom, Marquesa knows. That's why they call her Zoom Queen! I've done everything from high-level in-person VIP day work with her to ClubZQ membership! 

~Diane Diresta

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Marquesa changed my entire business.

Marquesa changed my entire business. At one time I earned an average of $50k per year and then I took a course from Marquesa and became a ClubZQ member with a Zoom VIP license and now I earn $50k in one weekend, often! 

~Tiffany Theen

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Marquesa up levels how I leverage Zoom.

I'm one of Marquesa's most knowledgeable members when it comes to Zoom and she still up levels how I leverage Zoom in my business. I found her years ago and have been a member of her tribe since. She's doing things no one else is doing in the Zoom world. I highly recommend joining ClubZQ and purchasing Zoom's best license. 

~Richard Zultner

STOP Paying $50- $500 per month for limited services...

Marquesa Has Been Featured In

I've Been There!

Wasting time and money!

Jumping around from platform to platform with lots of wasted money and time. Spending $55 or more per month using Zoom. Trying to remember ALL of the zoom updates. Buying tons of equipment that would just sit in my office for months unused!

I spent so much time focused on how to virtually meet that I wasted time not focused on what I love to do. In addition to my monthly Zoom bill, I paid a virtual assistant to transcribe my member calls, coaching calls, and more for me every month. I used multiple tools to livestream on social media platforms, record videos, hold meetings with and without faces showing, and be even more interactive! I would dream of a virtual platform that provided the in-person experience. 

Then I really got to know the Zoom platform and my business and life changed!

Just to be clear, I started using Zoom in 2011, I was an early adopter, and I told all of my clients, colleagues, and friends about Zoom! That's when they began calling me ZOOM Queen* I was asked to speak at conferences about the Zoom platform even becoming the go-to person in a large association!

* Disclaimer: Not employed by Zoom or sponsored by Zoom

Once the pandemic hit, my business quadrupled and is still growing. I tell you this to show you proof of how important the Zoom platform can be in your world.


Welcome to your NEW Zoom World

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