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3 BIG Mistakes you are making using Zoom as a hobby and NOT a business tool! 

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What Marquesa does

Marquesa Pettway here, out of NYC, loves helping entrepreneurs shine in their businesses, virtually.

My mission is helping YOU  choose the right tech tools, software, and platforms in your biz - based on your needs!

No more wasting money, time, and energy! Resulting in mo ’Biz, mo ’Shine, mo’Visibility, all Virtually 🤓

Former CNN Producer turned Virtual Biz Expert & Strategist, Biz Coach for VirtualBiz.Club, 17 years speaking (CSP), focuses on helping entrepreneurs leverage technology in their virtual biz for increased productivity, credibility & business growth. Ultimately leveling up your virtual lifestyle business 🤓

Texas-born, New York-based Marquesa Pettway, also serves as Brand Ambassador for several brands; you may have recently caught her on TV in a really cool commercial!

Marquesa Pettway, will take your virtual communication skills to the next level 

* Disclaimer: Not employed by Zoom or sponsored by Zoom

How Marquesa got here

It's hard to believe I've lived in NYC for 29 Years (yes, this is a snapshot of my apartment!) CNN Business News asked me to move to NYC right out of college, from intern to producer, I did my behind-the-camera thing! It was time to go in front of the camera. 

or so I thought... 

After spending 8 years as an Award Winner Sales Executive (and Leaders Council top 2%) for AT&T Business Markets, the company shifted and my next journey begin! 

What if, I became a professional speaker? 

Within three months after lots of auditions and interviews, I became a speaker for National Seminars, AMA, Fred Pryor, and SkillPath Seminars (separate companies back then). 

This led to speaking all over the world at least 22 days per month always in a different city, state, or country for 4 years.

Yes, I had my own speaking tours. This journey of 700 keynotes, 530 seminars, and 15 speaker showcases for Fortune 50-5000 companies, leaders, executives, and everyday people was incredibly rewarding. 

After 4 years of speaking 4-5 days a week all over the country, I was ready to run my own show! National Center for Speakerpreneur Training was born! Of course, I continued speaking because I love being a part of the transformations. 

I become highly booked for Business Reinvention. This meant deep diving into Relational Capital, Team Dynamics, and Business Growth for experts, employees, and leaders. In addition, for long-term reinvention, every participant took home my “Reinvention Roadmap workbook”.

My speaking designations and awards include the highest designation awarded to professional speakers, the Certified Speaking Professional Designation (CSP) in 2013. The second woman to earn this designation in NYC and the first person of color in NYC.

The Entrepreneur Award in 2016 was awarded by Iota Phi Lambda Business Sorority.  

Some of my Features include MSNBC small business show, CNN Business News, New York Newsday, Voices of Experience, and an audio magazine by the National Speakers Association, Speakers Magazine (countless articles including the highly popular Celebrity Speaker Series.

In addition, more than 500 blogs and print publications all over the world as a syndicated columnist for reality TV.  Interviewed on several radio stations, internet TV shows, and virtual speaker summits.

As a recognized expert in the professional speaking industry, I was a recurring expert in Speaker Magazine, 2015-2017, with a column, called “The Speaker Toolkit”. In addition, I had the privilege of leading and reinventing BlackNSA, a community group within NSA. 

A proud graduate of Texas Southern University in Houston, TX, where I earned a BA in Communications, Broadcast Journalism, and Theatre Arts.

PS: Want to see recent commercials I featured, here


How it started? 

This Texas-Born girl, and nearly 30 year NYC resident, has always been a dreamer! My best friend Melody, since childhood, told me I had a planner and goals at three years old! 

Between performing, broadcast news, being an executive, Reality TV, and speaking all over the country and now serving hundreds of virtual businesses. I'm never going to stop dreaming.

I had to master organizing my business around my values, loves, lifestyle, strengths vs. weaknesses, and maintaining a soul-stirring business model!

Every day I live my dream as a Speakerpreneur (a term I created in 2006) and Business Coach with a high six-figure virtual business with in-person components!

How's it going? Your Virtual Biz, that is...

It's Sunday night, all pumped up for my week, planned, organized, and identified my goals!

Now, ya ready! Monday shows up and, well, just a little bit more sleep...Oops, I slept a bit over; remember that meeting at noon?

Did I send over the zoom link for the entire team? that proposal is due by 4 pm - and, yeah, three back to back meetings, goodness

Gosh, I promised my neighbor a walk on the trail today; I gotta move! But, first, let me look over my speech; huge audience tomorrow. 

Ugh, It's 430 pm, and I'm exhausted; I'll try again tomorrow, relate, anyone??? 


After nearly 17 years of spending a large amount of my time working virtually 

I made many mistakes, wasted time and money, and constantly felt overwhelmed!

Now, as I continue to master my virtual business world, I'm passionate about sharing the lessons, strategies, best resources, and personal success principles


Marquesa's why...

Marquesa is a woman on a mission! Serving as the top Biz Solutions executive in Commercial Markets for AT&T Biz Markets AND half a decade in the television industry as an Associate Producer for CNN Business News, she traded in the newsroom for the stage and has never looked back. 

After traveling all over the world for five years straight, speaking in a different city every day, she's now known as a Virtual Business Strategist & Technology Engagement Speaker, with several awards and the CSP (highest designation for professional speakers). 

17 years in business, CNN Producer turned founder, Marquesa (aka Zoom Queen*) helps entrepreneurs and business owners leverage Smart technology to take their businesses to the next level.

Drawing on her own personal journey of massive business success, she provides Tech tips, tools, training, trends, and talks, all with a strategic foundation.

In addition, she runs the Bring The Bold Think Tank (the advanced tech group) & Crystallize - The Lifestyle Business Mastermind  (all about living your dream virtual biz) along with serving her clients that fly to NYC to attend her retreats or work 1:1.

Her VirtualBiz.Club members are reinvented from overwhelmed to empowered by leveraging technology smartly! 

When Marquesa is not working with her valued VBC members, she's speaking at an event or serving as a brand ambassador (have you seen her latest commercial).  

A Texan by birth who moved to NYC in 1993, she's happily single for now 😍

* Disclaimer: Not employed by Zoom or sponsored by Zoom

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