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[From the Archives] Speakers Toolkit Interview with Phil Gerbyshak


From the archives:
Ready to listen to an interview focused on Linkedin Next Level for Experts! A long time ago, I had a column in Speaker Magazine and loved sharing tools for speakers & inviting my speaker buddies to share their brilliance. So valuable to the readers of Speaker Magazine and now you!



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[Feature] Zoom NOW gives you that TV Look (click video)

zoom Jun 21, 2022

That TV Look is NOW on Zoom! check it out! click video 

Get Zoom Webinar







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[Zoom Tip] A cool way to check your look on a zoom call AND it's right in your face!

zoom pinn May 12, 2021

Can I tell you about a simple, underused, misunderstood feature on zoom, that's simply brilliant?

Think about it, you're on and off zoom meetings and on occasion forget to check the lighting, the background, your makeup, you know that perfect 'zoom look" you've mastered! 

I know, what about the video check right before you get on? Too small, I like the bigger picture, LOL.

You just cannot see this look unless you're in a zoom meeting.

There will come a time when you are running behind and cannot check your look right before you pop in. 

You in! But, the box is so tiny, you wonder, then ask yourself...


(Conversation with self) 

Do I look crazy?

I can't leave

I mean what do they see

Ugh, this is driving me crazy..


Surprise, it's called "PIN"

And, yes, you are the only person in a zoom meeting that can see what you pin (not to be confused with spotlight)

The best part, you can pin that cute guy or whatever (smile ok) 

Here are the...

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[Zoom Update] Vanishing Pen + Apple Pencil + Zoom Mobile

zoom vanishing pen Apr 28, 2021


Watch me share how I use vanishing pen, apple pencil, and Zoom mobile!

Join for more advanced zoom tips, tools and more!

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The Queen has got your back! What's up with the newest drop - Immersive Scenes on Zoom!

OMG! The sky is the limit, all you need is a little Imagination and ZOOM! I love it!

I love how ZOOM keeps upping the game. They are not done! More is coming! it is, I promise! As Zoom queen, I'm keeping you in the loop. Just to ensure you are in the know, be sure to join me TEXT list by sending "Tell me ZQ" to 917-724-8462

(please note: before I get a lot of phone calls or emails, the graphic below was made inEcamm and used via zoom; if you want to know how to create this and other variations, join CLUBZQ today - My Ecamm guest expert and I will break it down,  I call it Zoom Also Ecamm (I love software, but I only care to use it via zoom, so join me if you DO NOT have time to go down the rabbit hole of a ton of software - but you want to up your zoom game the quickest and easiest way! )

Quick Tip 1: Once everyone updates to the latest version, then the look can be even cleaner! 
Quick Tip 2: Each zoom participant that comes...
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Queen of Zoom is Interviewed by The WEALTHY SPEAKER PODCAST

Uncategorized Mar 17, 2021
In this virtual world that we have all been living in for the past year, how comfortable have you become with your online platform? Are you using Zoom, and would you like to learn more about how to utilize it to capture more business? On this episode of The Wealthy Speaker Show, we welcome back Marquesa Pettway to share some great ideas on how to leverage Zoom to book more business.
Leverage Zoom to Book More Business with Marquesa Pettway
Tune in to learn:
  • How to leverage Zoom in your business
  • When to use a Zoom producer
  • The extra features of Zoom Enterprise
Marquesa is a former CNN Associate Producer turned Biz Reinvention Expert, Professional Speaker, and Zoom Strategist, who helps Experts and Organizations leverage the ZOOM Platform at the highest level. Her expertise creates highly engaging, unique virtual events, smart productive meetings & multiple zoom-based income streams. As a Zoom Administrator, she holds hundreds of the...
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[Queen of Zoom] Feature Update - Blur Zoom Background

blur feature blur in zoom Mar 15, 2021
Hey, I have a new Zoom feature update for ya! Have you updated your zoom? yes, again, like every day 🤣
In case you didn’t know, BLUR is now a feature on zoom; so you don’t need the fancy DSLR or even ecamm; just click the drop-down arrow beside the camera, then “video settings,” then “virtual backgrounds” while in zoom. So cool if you have a lot going on in your background, like some people 😳
Also, while you’re there, rotate your picture - that just dropped. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
How do I rotate my pic? Click “video settings,” put your mouse in the box with your picture, and you’ll see the little rotation box in the corner. I show you how this works below....So cool! Don’t you love zoom?
PS: If you want to really SHOW out on zoom, join

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I want to do a 2 camara shoot on Zoom, is this possbile?

zoom 2 camera shoot Mar 30, 2020

Yes it is, let me know show you how??

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