Ready to Leverage Zoom for MORE iNCOME, IMPACT AND INFLUENCE?

The Queen has got your back! What's up with the newest drop - Immersive Scenes on Zoom!

OMG! The sky is the limit, all you need is a little Imagination and ZOOM! I love it!

I love how ZOOM keeps upping the game. They are not done! More is coming! it is, I promise! As Zoom queen, I'm keeping you in the loop. Just to ensure you are in the know, be sure to join me TEXT list by sending "Tell me ZQ" to 917-724-8462

(please note: before I get a lot of phone calls or emails, the graphic below was made inEcamm and used via zoom; if you want to know how to create this and other variations, join CLUBZQ today - My Ecamm guest expert and I will break it down,  I call it Zoom Also Ecamm (I love software, but I only care to use it via zoom, so join me if you DO NOT have time to go down the rabbit hole of a ton of software - but you want to up your zoom game the quickest and easiest way! )

Quick Tip 1: Once everyone updates to the latest version, then the look can be even cleaner! 
Quick Tip 2: Each zoom participant that comes...
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