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Calling all smart entrepreneurs  & work professionals, 

Those of you committed to keeping on top of the SmartTech world, resulting in a smart virtual business! 

  1.  UPDATE your Zoom NOW! to v5.12.6, only if you want the latest features, link here πŸ’»
  2.  Zoom account holders! Your team (with scheduling privileges) can now grab your zoom reports βœ…
  3.  Who answered that question⁉️ your zoom Q & A reports will release this info and more! [BETA FEATURE]
  4.  Cloud Recording upgrade ☁️:  now you can capture the interpreter 🀸🏾‍♀️
  5.  The two waiting steps, join-before-host and waiting room, will be merged into one newly designed and improved waiting room experience. The self-preview button design will be updated to turn the video camera and microphone on/off. An existing Zoom web portal setting has also been updated to accommodate the improved join flow experience. 🏒 [BETA FEATURE]
  6.  Zoom will update its product icons on all platforms, including desktop, mobile, PWA, and VDI. 
  7. Meetings and webinar presenters can preview what the other participants will see before sharing their screens. A small screen share window will display exactly what others will see. Presenters will no longer need to say, “Can you see my screen?” πŸ’»

    MORE TO COME... 🧽 soak all of this in 


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