[Zoom Tip] A cool way to check your look on a zoom call AND it's right in your face!

zoom pinn
The Zoom pinn image

Can I tell you about a simple, underused, misunderstood feature on zoom, that's simply brilliant?

Think about it, you're on and off zoom meetings and on occasion forget to check the lighting, the background, your makeup, you know that perfect 'zoom look" you've mastered! 

I know, what about the video check right before you get on? Too small, I like the bigger picture, LOL.

You just cannot see this look unless you're in a zoom meeting.

There will come a time when you are running behind and cannot check your look right before you pop in. 

You in! But, the box is so tiny, you wonder, then ask yourself...


(Conversation with self) 

Do I look crazy?

I can't leave

I mean what do they see

Ugh, this is driving me crazy..


Surprise, it's called "PIN"

And, yes, you are the only person in a zoom meeting that can see what you pin (not to be confused with spotlight)

The best part, you can pin that cute guy or whatever (smile ok) 

Here are the steps: 

STEP 1: No need to pull out the powder, unless you are shining.


STEP 2: Click the three dots above your head and choose pin


STEP 3: You are pinned and can now check your look - whew! thank you Zoom


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Marquesa AKA Zoom Queen's got your back! 



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