[Marquesa's SmartTech Blog] Do you have the latest Zoom Update?

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WHY does this matter? 

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You may miss out on incredible features when joining a zoom session (hosting or not)

Zoom provides up-to-date release notes for our software on devices using macOS. This article contains information about recent changes to the Zoom app for macOS, including new and enhanced features, updates to existing features, and bug fixes. 

When updating Zoom on your device, there are two download types: 

Manual: Most client releases require manually checking for updates in the client or downloading from the Zoom Downloads page directly. These can be either major or minor releases.

Prompted: Prompted versions are important versions with useful feature enhancements and/or critical bug fixes. Users with a version below a prompted version will see a banner in the client, informing them of an available update. Learn more about Prompted versions, as well as AutoUpdate tracks. 

Other Platform Updates: Zoom Rooms, Windows, iOSAndroidLinux, and Web

In Person, Virtual, the Connection can be

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